Securing and configuring HP switches

We got some Procurve 2810 Gigabit switches. they play some critical roles, so I wanted to keep others from playing with them. The exact code below would enable https for web management, enable ssh for console management, change the port ssh runs on, and disable telnet and unencrypted web management …

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OpenOffice Remove mis-spelled words

beleive or believe? If you mistakenly add a word to Firefox's custom dictionary, the word is added to


just edit the file and remove your mistaken 'custom' word.

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Remotely change power options in XP

First of all, get the pstools and set them up. then run

psexec \\[workstation name] powercfg /query
Field Description          Value
-----------------          -----
Name                       Home/Office Desk
Numerical ID               0
Turn off monitor (AC)      After 20 mins
Turn off monitor (DC)      After 5 mins
Turn off hard disks (AC)   After 60 mins
Turn …
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Ubuntu recovery console with no root password

So your Ext3 root partition is corrupted. No matter how you try to log into your system, your system asks you for root password. But you are a good, obedient ubuntu user. And you do not have a root password set. You can press CTRL+D, but that just reboots …

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Logitech webcam drivers

Logitech drivers are packed in with an awful, bloated program. Just want the drivers and nothing else? I did this with a Quickcam 4000 Pro. The same basic steps may apply to other cams:

  1. Download the Program from
  2. use 7-zip, winRAR, or some other decent compression program to …
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Command line scp from linux(+BSD) to windows.

i traveling and wanted to copy over my logs to find out what was happening on my server. didn't want to install a client like filezilla or another GUI. Using the command line SCP utility, you can grab remote files securely over SSH. You can grab the executable from http …

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running msc's as admin account

Got tired of right-clicking and "run as" and putting in my uname/password. I just updated the shortcuts to run something similar to this. This example is for exchange 2007 server management console.

runas /user:DOMAIN\ADMIN_ACCOUNT "cmd /c \"c:\program files\microsoft\exchange server\bin\exchange management console.msc …

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Conference rooms with outlook and exchange 2007

Exchange Server 2007 allows administrators to create objects such as Mailbox, Contacts, Mail User, and Distribution Groups. Here are the steps needed to create a room mailbox object:

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console.

  2. Expand Recipient Configuration.

  3. Click on Mailbox.

  4. In the Mailbox pane, click on New Mailbox...

  5. For our purposes …

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script to update wordpress

Why? Because i'm lazy. I'll update this to see if it works

#your current site will be backed up to your home folder with the date in the name
#change this …
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