Review After One Year of QuickWeb VPS Hosting

One year ago, I purchased a VPS from QuickWeb. I found the deal at my one of my favorite sites for cheap hosting: The deal was:

  • OpenVZ VPS
  • 256MB RAM/386 Burst
  • 10G disk space
  • 250GB bandwidth/ Month on 1 IP
  • $35.88/ 1 Year

I ordered …

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Install Open-VM-tools on Debian 6 squeeze

Installing Open Virtual Machine Tools is a nice alternative to managing and installing the vmware tools package that comes with Vmware's hypervisor products.  It allows you to use APT to manage all the dependencies and updates. Module assistant will recompile the kernel modules for you automatically when you update kernels …

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Linux command line bandwidth monitor

You can find out how much bandwidth your linux machine is using with a simple tool called "bwm-ng". In Debian, install it with

aptitude install bwm-ng

Then, just type 'bwm-ng' in the command line. It will give you something like this:

bwm-ng v0.6 (probing every 5.000s …
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Install backupexec 12.5 agent on Debian Lenny

The path to it is


Unfortunately, the Deb package doesn't specify It's dependencies. You need to manually install the libstdc++5 package.

aptitude …
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Join Debian Lenny to Active Directory using Samba

If you install GNOME on Debian and intend to use it as a server, first thing you should do is remove the network-manager and network-manager-gnome packages. This tool can be helpful on a desktop, but since we are tweaking DNS, IP addresses, and perhaps even NIC bonding, the network-manager can …

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Rip and convert to MP3 files in Debian Lenny

To create an MP3 audio file in Lenny, you need to install the proper package to encode them. I suggest you add the "debian-multimedia" repository while you are at it. Edit your  /etc/apt/sources.list and add:

deb lenny main


aptitude update

then install …

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Debian Samba share. no password. read only

Just install samba server:

apt-get install samba

edit the config:

nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

set security to "share"

security = share

and guest account to nobody

guest account = nobody

then you just need to create your share like this:

[guest share]
comment = a guest share
path = /path/to/files
browseable …
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