Cannot delete ZFS snapshot

While Deleting to delete a snapshot, i typed:

zpool destroy zfsdiskpool@Sat

and got:

cannot open 'zfsdiskpool@Sat': invalid character '@' in pool name

This is because to delete snapshots in ZFS, you should use 'zfs destroy' instead of 'zpool destroy'. DOH!

zfs destroy zfsdiskpool@Sat
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'ZFS Cant rm: No space left on device'

If you completely fill up a zfs pool, it wont let you delete files on it. What you CAN do, is pick a scapegoat file to wipe out or remove a snapshot. Then you will be able to use the rm command. what I did:

# df -h
Filesystem     Size    Used …
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FreeBSD error in /boot/loader.conf

While experimenting with ZFS in FreeBSD, I made some tweaks to the vk.kmem_size variable in /boot/loader.conf. when setting it like this:


everything worked, but I wanted to see what would happen if i doubled it. Unfortunately, setting vm.kmem …

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