Exchange Server 2007 allows administrators to create objects such as Mailbox, Contacts, Mail User, and Distribution Groups. Here are the steps needed to create a room mailbox object:

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console.

  2. Expand Recipient Configuration.

  3. Click on Mailbox.

  4. In the Mailbox pane, click on New Mailbox...

  5. For our purposes, we will pick "room mailbox" This is a mailbox to be assigned specifically to Meeting Rooms. Its associated user account will be disabled in Active Directory.

  6. In the User Type window, we can choose either to create a new user or to assign an existent user to the new resource mailbox. If we choose to assign it to an existent user, we will have to check if the account does not already have a mailbox associated to it. Click Next to continue.

  7. In the User Information window, we should fill out the user's personal information and select the Organization Unit where it will be created. After that click on Next

  8. On the Mailbox Settings page, we can define the mailbox information such as Alias, Mailbox Server, and Mailbox Store where the new resource mailbox will be located. The policies for Mailbox and ActiveSync can also be defined in this step. We can choose which fields we are going to fill out and then click Next to continue.

  9. In the New Mailbox window, we will get a summary of all the information that we have selected in the previous steps. These parameters will be used by the cmdlet New-Mailbox for the creation of this resource mailbox object. To create the resource mailbox, click on New.

  10. In the Completion window, we will see the cmdlet New-mailbox and the parameters that we used in the creation process of this new resource mailbox.

  11. Grant yourself and users who will manage the mailbox "full access". Right-click on the mailbox you just created and select manage full access permission.

  12. Sign into OWA.

  13. Click the dropdown next to your username on the upper-right corner of the screen and open up the room mailbox you just created.

  14. go to Options, then Resource settings

  15. go through these.

  16. Add the room mailbox to outlook.

  17. go to the calendar, right-click on the room's calendar, go to properties.

  18. Under the permissions tab, set the default permission to "reviewer". This will let everyone see what is going on in the room when they are scheduling

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