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First of all, get the pstools and set them up. then run

psexec \\[workstation name] powercfg /query
Field Description          Value
-----------------          -----
Name                       Home/Office Desk
Numerical ID               0
Turn off monitor (AC)      After 20 mins
Turn off monitor (DC)      After 5 mins
Turn off hard disks (AC)   After 60 mins
Turn off hard disks (DC)   After 10 mins
System standby (AC)        Never
System standby (DC)        After 5 mins
System hibernates (AC)     Never
System hibernates (DC)     After 20 mins
Processor Throttle (AC)    Not Supported
Processor Throttle (DC)    Not Supported

that will tell you what the current settings are. After that, you can set the power scheme by doing this:

psexec \\[workstation name] powercfg /setactive "[scheme name]"

It will exit with "error code 0", but no worries. Just check your work using the query command above after your changes.


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