FreeBSD time updates with ntpdate and ntpd

So FreeBSD's time is out of wack. Two options:

  1. ntpdate. This is manual. To run a time sync manually, just run

    ntpdate -b

You can replace with whatever you want. To tell it to run whenever the system is booted, add this to /etc …

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webalizer installation on freebsd 7

cd /usr/ports/www/webalizer
make install
make clean
mkdir /usr/local/www/stats
webalizer -o /usr/local/www/stats /var/log/httpd-access_log

After that, just added it to the root crontab

crontab -e

like this:

0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/webalizer -o /usr/local/www/stats /var …
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Debian Samba share. no password. read only

Just install samba server:

apt-get install samba

edit the config:

nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

set security to "share"

security = share

and guest account to nobody

guest account = nobody

then you just need to create your share like this:

[guest share]
comment = a guest share
path = /path/to/files
browseable …
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MySQL server --purge and reinstall

Screwed around for a bit. messed up MySQL. I decided to remove --purge, and start fresh. Unfortunately, the reinstall wouldn't work. Long story short, i had to remove "mysql-server, mysql-server-5.0, and mysql-common". when i ran this, it also pulled out other dependencies, but i just reinstalled them all. voila …

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Staying on time in Debian

To stay on time, you should really use ntpd. It is a daemon that runs all the time and makes tiny changes to the system clock. All you need to do is install ntp:

aptitude install ntp

after it's installed, I encourage you to go over to http://www.pool …

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Uninstall MySQL 5 from Debian

I completely. completely messed up MySQL. Badly. I wiped out the data directory (/var/lib/mysql in Debian) and the went to remove mysql ... apt-get remove --purge mysql-server That only deleted something like 86K. dissapointing. It looks like "mysql-server" is a shortcut pointing to the latest version of the software …

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savecore? reboot after panic?

scary. I updated freebsd, and i can only think that i messed it up when i tried to "shutdown -h" to get it shutdown so i could reboot. anyways, when i rebooted, i saw this message. apparently there was a kernel dump on my swap drive. But problem is that …

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