Command line scp from linux(+BSD) to windows.

i traveling and wanted to copy over my logs to find out what was happening on my server. didn't want to install a client like filezilla or another GUI. Using the command line SCP utility, you can grab remote files securely over SSH. You can grab the executable from http …

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running msc's as admin account

Got tired of right-clicking and "run as" and putting in my uname/password. I just updated the shortcuts to run something similar to this. This example is for exchange 2007 server management console.

runas /user:DOMAIN\ADMIN_ACCOUNT "cmd /c \"c:\program files\microsoft\exchange server\bin\exchange management console.msc …

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Conference rooms with outlook and exchange 2007

Exchange Server 2007 allows administrators to create objects such as Mailbox, Contacts, Mail User, and Distribution Groups. Here are the steps needed to create a room mailbox object:

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console.

  2. Expand Recipient Configuration.

  3. Click on Mailbox.

  4. In the Mailbox pane, click on New Mailbox...

  5. For our purposes …

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script to update wordpress

Why? Because i'm lazy. I'll update this to see if it works

#your current site will be backed up to your home folder with the date in the name
#change this …
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FreeBSD time updates with ntpdate and ntpd

So FreeBSD's time is out of wack. Two options:

  1. ntpdate. This is manual. To run a time sync manually, just run

    ntpdate -b

You can replace with whatever you want. To tell it to run whenever the system is booted, add this to /etc …

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webalizer installation on freebsd 7

cd /usr/ports/www/webalizer
make install
make clean
mkdir /usr/local/www/stats
webalizer -o /usr/local/www/stats /var/log/httpd-access_log

After that, just added it to the root crontab

crontab -e

like this:

0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/webalizer -o /usr/local/www/stats /var …
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Debian Samba share. no password. read only

Just install samba server:

apt-get install samba

edit the config:

nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

set security to "share"

security = share

and guest account to nobody

guest account = nobody

then you just need to create your share like this:

[guest share]
comment = a guest share
path = /path/to/files
browseable …
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MySQL server --purge and reinstall

Screwed around for a bit. messed up MySQL. I decided to remove --purge, and start fresh. Unfortunately, the reinstall wouldn't work. Long story short, i had to remove "mysql-server, mysql-server-5.0, and mysql-common". when i ran this, it also pulled out other dependencies, but i just reinstalled them all. voila …

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